Get 3-10+ High Value Patients Every Month GUARANTEED.


Do You Want more high value, qualified patients... without wasting money and time paying "marketing agencies" who over-promise and under-deliver?

How Our Patient Engage System Works...

  • We reactivate your inactive patients/leads for quick cash flow which requires $0 in ad spend

  • We run ads to generate new, high quality patients

  • We follow up with your leads to save you and your staff time

  • We pre-screen leads to make sure you're not wasting any time on tire kickers

  • We schedule new patient consults for you

  • We turn your existing organic traffic sources into more new patients

  • We coach your team on turning appointments into treatment acceptance

  • We track all of your results, including the return on investment of your campaigns

  • We help you dominate your local Google SEO search results

  • We help you get more positive Google reviews

  • We only work with one practice in each area

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Check Out Some Of Our Results Below...

“I've been burned a few times in the past working with marketing companies... I was skeptical… I put my faith in you guys, and it worked out really well... Trust Justin and his team. They will not steer you astray."

-Dr. LaMura

"Justin and his staff are responsible for a lot of new patients walking into my office. He is always available for questions and a great guy to deal with. I highly recommend them!"

-Dr. Shaikh

"We've gotten more leads in one year then since the practice opened up 4 years ago."

Dr. Yelisetty

This practice closed $116,571 from 4 treatment cases in less than 60 days!

$317,000 in revenue in less than 12 months in a small town!

$80k in treatment closed at $13,000 per patient!

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